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Looking for Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Bend, Oregon?


Do you need climate-controlled self-storage? Secure Storage offers Redmond climate-controlled storage and Prineville climate-controlled storage. Storage units that have no climate-controlled or heated amenities could put your sensitive valuables at risk. Self-storage customers that wish to store their sensitive valuables in units that will protect them from temperature should consider climate-controlled self-storage. Although we do not currently offer heated storage in Bend, Oregon, we do offer it at our Redmond and Prineville locations.

Temperature-controlled storage units, maintain a constant temperature between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. They are air-conditioned storage units in the summer months and heated in the colder seasons.

Don't let climate ruin your valuables! If you need help determining whether your valuables require heated storage or air-conditioned units, our resident managers and experts at Secure Storage can help you. Call (541) 389-8870 to speak with our Bend Secure Storage managers, or email us!

For quality climate-controlled storage units, contact our managers in either Redmond or Prineville to reserve a temperature-controlled unit today!

For conventional storage solutions in Bend, OR, Secure Storage is the right choice. We provide a variety of self-storage size options, top-notch security, clean units, and easy access. We look forward to helping you with all of your storage needs! Reserve a storage unit now!

Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Redmond and Prineville Oregon

Central Oregon is a region of diverse temperatures, ranging from below freezing in the winter to extreme heat in the summer. Climate-controlled storage units ensure that your valuables aren’t affected by these varied temperatures.

Climate-controlled units offer the protection and preservation of items that need to remain at a constant temperature and dry climate. Unlike other units, controlled storage will ensure your items are protected from climate fluctuations. Central Oregon is known for having an extreme climate. This is why we recommend storing your valuables in the right facility.

All of our units at the Bend Secure Storage facility are designed to protect valuables against dust and reduce moisture to prevent mildew. However, sometimes items require an extra measure of preservation. Climate-controlled units offer an unparalleled preservation of goods.

We currently don’t offer climate-controlled storage units in Bend but do have two other storage facility locations close by, in Redmond and Prineville, that do offer this option.

Items that might require the assistance of heated storage, or air-conditioned storage units, include:

  • Books and Artwork
  • Medical Supplies
  • Electronics, including cameras, computers, and televisions
  • Newer household appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines
  • Antiques and Heirlooms
  • Pictures and Photo Albums
  • Paint and other liquids
  • Wine Storage

Wine storage is extremely valuable for the preservation of fine wines. Wine is an extremely fragile liquid and should be stored in the dark. The temperature should remain constant, somewhere between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and with the perfect humidity. Both our Redmond and Prineville self-storage locations offer this type of climate-controlled storage.